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Meet All Your Flooring Needs Swiftly and Effortlessly

Planning to replace your flooring? Take use of this chance to change significantly, not simply aesthetically. It’s the perfect time to revitalize your entire house by making it more useful and spacious.

Flooring services at West Hills

Due to its environment, West Hills has particular flooring requirements! You need strong flooring options for this region’s short, arid summers and long, chilly winters to provide comfort and durability. ACD Builders fills that need by providing the top flooring services in West Hills.

At ACD Builders, we take great satisfaction in offering premium services at competitive prices. In West Hills, there aren’t many flooring companies that can meet the unique requirements of the region. You can count on unmatched quality and dedication from us.

Setting Up Flooring

Given the unique climate of West Hills, flooring options must be resistant to both the summer heat and the winter cold. To keep the interiors comfortable, the material should offer insulation.

Listed below are a few of the flooring choices we offer:

Wooden flooring

It is well known that hardwood flooring has a traditional and timeless look. Hardwood floor installation is one of our team’s strengths, and customers frequently laud it. Because of its elegance and warmth, hardwood is frequently chosen. It is ideal for West Hills’ environment since it offers insulation in addition to being aesthetically beautiful.

Tiled surfaces

Tile flooring is adaptable and available in a range of designs and textures. Tiles are a great option for individuals looking for both design and practicality because they are known for their durability and eco-friendliness. Tiles have the potential to retain heat in the winter while keeping a cool temperature in the summer. You can find the ideal match for the architectural style of your home among our wide selection of tile designs. Every time, our team of professionals makes sure that the installation of your tile flooring exceeds your expectations.

Linoleum flooring

Laminate flooring delivers the appearance of stone or hardwood without the high cost. It is favored by homeowners because it is strong and simple to maintain. With our extensive knowledge, we can install many different laminate flooring kinds with accuracy and high-quality results.

Upkeep of the Floor

The lifetime of your floors depends on frequent upkeep. Our unambiguous and simple residential floor service policy comprises the following:

Cleaning: Regular cleaning to get rid of any potential stains as well as dirt and grime.

Inspection: Consistently look for any indications of wear or damage.

Repairing: As soon as necessary, make prompt repairs or replacements with the client’s approval.

Expert Advice: Educating our clients on recommended procedures and providing remedies for any flooring issues.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our goal is to build trust with our clients, which we accomplish through careful preparation and dependable high-quality work. We never skimp on quality since we have a committed team, reasonable prices, and the ambition to be West Hills’ best flooring provider. We stand apart from the competitors because to our dedication to sincerity, honesty, and trust.

Why Do You Want ACD Builders?

We stand out because of our unwavering honesty, commitment, and enthusiasm for client fulfillment. Every project is an opportunity for us to develop enduring connections with our clients. Even after the project is finished, we are still accessible for any questions or problems. Our primary focus is making sure you’re satisfied, and we work hard to consistently go above and beyond.

Ideal Scope of Work For Flooring Project

1. Project Overview:
Installation of new flooring for [specific rooms or areas, e.g., “living room, three bedrooms, and hallway”].

2. Site Preparation:
Removal and disposal of existing flooring (if applicable).
Cleaning and leveling of the subfloor.
Addressing any moisture issues, if identified.

3. Material Selection:
Type of flooring to be installed (e.g., hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet, vinyl).
Specific brand, color, and style of the chosen flooring material.
Underlayment, if required.
Matching moldings or trim, such as baseboards or transition strips.

4. Installation:
Laying out the flooring material in the desired pattern.
Cutting and fitting the flooring material as needed.
Securing the flooring material to the subfloor using the appropriate method (e.g., nailing, gluing, floating).
Installing underlayment, if required.
Installing moldings, trim, or transition strips.

5. Finishing:
For hardwood: Sanding, staining (if desired), and sealing.
For tile: Grouting and sealing.
Cleaning and polishing, as appropriate for the flooring material.

6. Inspection and Quality Control:
Ensuring that the flooring is level and free of defects.
Addressing any gaps, bubbles, or inconsistencies.
Confirming that moldings and trim are securely attached and free of defects.

7. Cleanup:
Removal of all project-related debris.
Cleaning of the newly installed floor.
Returning any moved furniture to its original position (if included in the agreement).

8. Warranty and Maintenance:
Providing the client with warranty information for the flooring material and installation.
Offering guidelines for the proper care and maintenance of the new floor.

9. Project Timeline:
Start date and expected completion date.
Any milestones or checkpoints, such as completion of subfloor preparation or installation of a specific room.

10. Payment Terms:
Total cost of the project.
Payment schedule, including any required deposit, progress payments, and final payment upon completion.

This is a general scope of work for a flooring project. Specific details might vary based on the project’s unique requirements, the type of flooring material chosen, and any additional services the client requests. It’s essential for both the client and the contractor to review and agree upon the SOW before work begins.


When it comes to durability, hardwood and laminate are among the top choices for flooring installation and replacement. However, they tend to be pricier than vinyl or carpet. Heated floors and eco-friendly materials are two examples of innovative flooring ideas that are effective but might come with a higher price tag. Investing in new flooring is one of the most impactful and value-adding decisions for a home.”

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: A new floor can significantly enhance the look and feel of a space, giving it a fresh, updated appearance.

  2. Increased Home Value: Upgraded flooring can boost the resale value of a home, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

  3. Improved Durability: Modern flooring options are designed to last longer and withstand wear and tear, ensuring longevity.

  4. Enhanced Comfort: Certain flooring options, like carpeting or underfloor heating, can increase the comfort level of a room.

  5. Better Health and Hygiene: Old floors can harbor allergens, mold, and bacteria. Replacing them can improve the indoor air quality and overall healthiness of the living environment.

  6. Easy Maintenance: Newer flooring materials are often easier to clean and maintain, reducing the time and effort required for upkeep.

  7. Eco-friendly Options: Many contemporary flooring materials are sustainably sourced or made from recycled materials, allowing homeowners to make environmentally conscious choices.

  8. Improved Acoustics: Some flooring options can improve the acoustics of a room, reducing noise transmission and enhancing sound quality.

  9. Versatility in Design: With a plethora of designs, textures, and colors available, homeowners can choose a floor that perfectly matches their decor and personal style.

  10. Safety: Damaged or old floors can pose tripping hazards. Installing a new floor can eliminate these risks, providing a safer environment.

In summary, installing a new floor can rejuvenate a space, offer functional benefits, and serve as a long-term investment in a property.

Some people suggest saving 1% of your home’s value every month to save up for new flooring installation or replacement. For a standard 2,500-square-foot house, new flooring costs between $8,500 and $14,000. If your home is worth $150,000, this means you should try to save at least $1,500 a month to cover the cost in a year.

Replacing a floor involves several steps, and the specific process can vary depending on the type of flooring being installed. However, here’s a general overview of the steps involved in replacing a floor:

  1. Assessment and Planning:

    • Measure the room to determine the amount of flooring material needed.
    • Choose the type of flooring material (e.g., hardwood, laminate, tile, carpet).
    • Check the subfloor for any damage or issues that might need addressing.
  2. Removal of Old Flooring:

    • Clear the room of furniture and other items.
    • Carefully remove the baseboards or shoe molding.
    • Use appropriate tools to remove the existing flooring. For example, a pry bar can be used for hardwood, while a floor scraper might be needed for glued-down materials.
  3. Preparation of the Subfloor:

    • Clean the subfloor, removing any debris, nails, or staples.
    • Check for any uneven areas. Depending on the type of flooring being installed, you might need to level the subfloor using leveling compound.
    • Install a moisture barrier or underlayment if required. This is especially important for laminate or vinyl flooring.
  4. Installation of New Flooring:

    • Start from one end of the room and work your way across, following the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific flooring type.
    • For tile, spread thin-set mortar and lay down tiles, using spacers to maintain consistent gaps. Once set, apply grout.
    • For hardwood or laminate, boards are typically snapped or nailed into place.
    • For carpet, tack strips are installed around the room’s perimeter, padding is laid down, and then the carpet is stretched and attached.
  5. Finishing Touches:

    • Reinstall baseboards or shoe molding. You might need to trim them if the new floor is thicker than the old one.
    • Install transition strips at doorways or where the new floor meets a different type of flooring.
    • Clean the new floor, removing any adhesive residue, dust, or debris.
  6. Post-Installation:

    • Return furniture and other items to the room, using felt pads under furniture legs to prevent scratches.
    • Allow the floor to acclimate and settle for the recommended time, especially if adhesive was used or if the flooring needs time to expand/contract.
  7. Maintenance:

    • Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for cleaning and maintaining your new floor to ensure its longevity.

Remember, the specifics of each step can vary based on the type of flooring and the conditions of the installation site. It’s always a good idea to consult with a flooring professional or follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when replacing a floor.

Why Us

1. Unmatched Expertise
Craftsmanship and innovation stand as the pillars of our approach, backed by industry knowledge that ensures your dreams are realized brick by brick in West Hills, California.

2. Timely Deliveries
Every project, big or small, is delivered on schedule, meeting the highest standards of quality, thanks to our dedicated team of specialists.

3. Beyond Brick and Mortar
We believe in building lasting relationships grounded in honesty and trust, going beyond just constructing physical structures.

4. Continuous Support
Our commitment to you extends beyond project completion, offering steadfast support for any future needs.

5. Affordable Excellence
Experience premium construction solutions that are budget-friendly, without compromising on quality and craftsmanship.

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